History of KoreaⅦ. Opening of the Nation1. To Make the Nation Strong

C. Setting up Stone Monuments

On top of the French and American invasions, the absurd action by a German merchant further aggravated the feelings of Heungseon Daewongun and the people of Joseon. A German merchant named Oppert attempted to rob the grave of Prince Namyeon, the father of Daewongun but was caught by the local residents and fled. As extremely well-mannered people, the people of Joseon traditionally took particular care of their ancestors. Daewongun was therefore enraged that such an unimaginable act had taken place. Daewongun viewed Western people as very dangerous and adamantly rejected any contact with them. He had stone monuments set up at points throughout the country, which were incised with the following words:to drive out the Western forces if they were to invade.

“If we do not fight but appease the Western barbarians who invade our land, it will be a betrayal of our nation.” - Admonition to my descendents

Research Activities

Following the 'General sherman' incident

Following the‘ General Sherman’incident, Korea and the United States fought for the very first time. Joseon succeeded in driving off the American forces. This made Daewongun confident and he had monument stones set up throughout the country. Let us find out about how Korea triumphed in this fight considering the situation in these two nations, as well as their abilities to make war.
The monument stone