History of Korea

Ⅸ. Development of the Republic of Korea


With the end of World War II, Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial occupation. However, as soon as Korea celebrated its independence, the prevalence of the cold war, which divided the world into two, inevitably divided the Korean people and their land as the nation faced the tragic outbreak of Korean War on June 25, 1950. Nevertheless, Korea overcame its devastation following the war and emerged as an industrialized country by exerting all of its forces in building up its economy.
Meanwhile, successive political dictatorships undermined the development of democracy in Korea. However, the democratization movements organized by students and citizens in the 1990s contributed greatly to the democratic development. The confrontation between South and North Korea is showing signs of improvement as efforts to transform the confrontation into relationship of cooperation and reconciliation are being exerted in the common desire to reach closer to the day of national unification.