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National History Textbooks through the Ages

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We introduce the original text, along with translations and an overview, of 25 national history textbooks published from the Enlightenment period and the Great Han Empire, through the Japanese colonial period, the U.S. Military Government in Korea, the establishment of the government of the Republic of Korea, and each of the seven national curriculums. We also provide images of the original text of the relevant textbooks in an e-book format. By gathering the representative national history textbooks from each era, it is possible to understand trends in the perception of history in each era and see the process of transition in the content of history education.

Images from History Textbooks

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Important images contained in middle and high school history textbooks are categorized by their time, theme, and form, and detailed commentaries are provided along with them. Through this service, it is possible to view vivid images of Korean history and culture with an introduction.

Documents from History Textbooks

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Roughly 200 different documents are referenced in middle and high school history textbooks. However, in most cases, those textbooks only provide the names of the documents and the author along with a simple introduction of its contents and the historical significance. Here, in , we provide more detailed information about those documents in video form with a specialist introduction so that users could gain deeper understandings on the documents and Korean history.

Historical Terms in History Textbooks

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The major historical terms contained in middle and high school history textbooks reflect the results of recent academic research, about which we provide a concise yet faithful overview. The selected historical terms are arranged in alphabetical order and classified according to their period and theme so that they are quickly searchable by the materials which reference each term.