History of Korea
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Sources in Korean History

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A selection of the major primary sources that are the foundation of understanding Korean history for each period and theme. We provide the original document, a translation, overview, and further references for each source in order to make it easier to approach difficult historical materials.

Topics in Korean History

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A selection of significant topics in Korean history. For each topic we added related primary sources and images to give a rich and detailed explantion. Through these materials provided by specialist scholars with deep knowledge and experience in each field, it is possible to understand more deeply the important topics within history.

Korean History [new edition]

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Between 1993 and 2002, the National Institute of Korean History published in 52 volumes in both text and e-book format. It provides a comprehensive history of Korea, from prehistoric ages to the establishing period of the Korean government.

Today in History

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Every day we offer around 20 excerpts concerning major events in Korean history from the Joseon period to the modern and contemporary times , based on (http://sillok.go.kr), and (both published by the National Institute of Korean History). Through this service, users can discover what events happened "today" throughout history.

A History of Korea

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In 2004 the Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation published Korean and English editions of in e-book and text format in order to help overseas Koreans to gain deeper understandings on Korean history.