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Photograph Collection Relating to Korean Modern and Contemporary History

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To enable users to view modern and contemporary Korean history through photographs that capture historical moments, the National Institute of Korean History has collected around 1,800 photographic images from Korea and abroad, and they are now available online. From the enlightenment period, through the Japanese colonial time and the establishing period of the government, and to the outbreak of the Korean war, those photographs have been classified in categories according to their time and theme. In particular, we curated thematic collections on the four topics such as 'the Korean Provisional Government', 'Aspects of Society in the 1920s', 'The New Village Movement and Everyday Life in Rural Villages', and 'The 70th Anniversary of Independence through 70 Photographs'. Detailed explanations are also provided along with the photographs in both Korean and English so that more users could connect to the service.

Korean History and Geography

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"What was the name of your neighborhood a long long time ago?
If you are curious about the former names of your neighborhood, or if you want to know the history of the changing place names in Korea, just come search on this site."

Interesting Tales from Korean History

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In 2006 the National Institute for Korean History and the Korea Creative Content Agency jointly developed educational materials for primary school students. Through digital mediums such as video, photograph, and animation, we provide various educational contents to help students to eaisly learn Korean history with more fun.